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Candy Star
« on: April 30, 2016, 10:11:39 AM »

Candy Star is good-humored, tolerant, and approachable. Also easy-going, calm, serene and peaceful. Ponies don't expect her to be overly emotional; they would be very surprised if she lost her temper. Candy Star is also of a cheerful nature, which allows her to easily make many friends.

Candy Star was born in Tall Tales, a city in which she has known for years, but her family, wanting the best for their daughter, set out to find a better place to raise her. They're choice? Ponyville. Here she could meet others her age and get along just fine with them. when she comes of age, she is taught some responsibility when her parents buy a store for her to work at. This store would be whatever she wanted it to be, and as they suspected, she chose a candy shop of all occupations. But they supported her goal and gave her everything she would need and left for Tall Tales again. Hearing this, she felt sad, but knew it wasn't right to go back and try to live with them again, she was a grown mare and needed to act like one. Through those tough times, she persevered and made a living, earning her cutie mark along the way. Candy Star makes trips to see her parents countless times when she had to close shop for the day and is happy to learn they are on their business trips.

Now with new friends, Candy Star pushes forward with her motto in tow: "Friends help each other, no matter what!"

Candy Star's first flaw is that she can't stay out of another pony's business and intrudes when uninvited. This has caused a few ponies to avoid her in public, but she is still learning about what ponies do and don't like. Candy Star is also quite the friend when you get to know her, as her friends can attest. Candy Star can be a bit annoying when she gets even a little excited, Star Shine has seen this first hand and hates it when she becomes like that. Candy Star helps others when they feel useless, but cheers them up with a few stories she makes up to get them in a better mood.

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Re: Candy Star
« Reply #1 on: November 25, 2016, 06:47:54 PM »
Candy Star seems like she would be a really great friend for me