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Art Wall / Boggy's Art Dump 2017 - 2018
« on: January 17, 2018, 06:33:53 AM »
Okas.... Is time I sarted to put some pictures up here..... if I can get it to work !!!

Hopefully this will be most of the work I have done for you all over the last 12 months

Art Wall / The all new ans improved Boggy's Art Wall
« on: March 02, 2017, 07:58:35 PM »
Okas, so after a bit of a breakdown I removed all of my art, ans my account as well. This time I hope it will be back for good, or as Sapphire puts it, a legacy to my works for you all. *Sighs* that sounds so terminal but what the heck. I did this artwork of you all, for you all, for no other reason than to brighten your days. I do love you all, even though at times it may appear as I don't. We all have a dark side, it's just that it comes to the surface with me more often than I would like, ans hides in the shadows when I do need it.

The artworks in this gallery are all inspired by things that have happened in the PonyCafe IRC, in rp's, requests, ans though some of you may not understand it, in real life..... Yes I am an Equestrian pony. If you would ever like me to draw a pic for you, don't ever worry to ask me, I don't bite that hard, ans the worst I will say is no, but still end up doing it for you anyway.

Bogrick Greymane
..... AKA 'Uncle Boggy'[/u]

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